St Wenn Parish Council and the St Wenn Church PCC are working together to arrange a special commemorative event – ‘St Wenn Remembers’.  This event is marking the end of WW1 one hundred years ago.

These organisations have applied for grants and obtained sponsorship in order to stage the many events planned during the Commemoration and Armistice period from Thursday 8th – Sunday 11th November 2018.

The War Memorials Trust has granted St Wenn up to 75% of the cost to re-letter the names on the war memorial and will improve and replace the metal railings along the front of the war memorial.

St Breock Community Fund have granted £400 towards the costs of staging the event, which will bring people from across all generations the opportunity to learn and remember those who lost their lives and to hear about those who survived and go on to lead full lives.

An application has also been made to the ‘There But Not There’ project for assistance to purchase Tommy Soldiers.  These lifesize models are made from perspex and can be seated.  We hope to have five to depict those soldiers from St Wenn killed in action during WW1 and one for the RAF Bomber who lost his life in the second World War.  The RAF celebrates 100 years , so it was felt apt to have his life represented also.

Please read on under each date to see what events we have planned.  Something for everyone!

All money raised from these events will be distributed between The Royal British Legion, Help For Heroes, St Wenn Church and other local groups/organisations to St Wenn.