John was born on the 31st March 1896 at Cavershall to the Rev John Gordon and Mrs Ethel Addenbrooke.

The 1901 census shows John living at the Vicarage, Cavershall with his father, mother and three younger sisters along with 4 servants.

Rev Addenbrooke was the Minister of St Wenn Parish Church from 1908 to 1916. During this …

Medal 1 in the above image:

1914 Star and 1914/1915 Star. The 1914 Star was awarded to those who saw service in France and Belgium between 5th Aug and 22 Nov 1914. The 1914/15 Star was awarded to those service personnel and civilians who saw service in France and Belgium from 23 Nov 1914 to …

The Soldiers of St Wenn – Their Regiments

Devonshire Regiment

John Henry Brenton. 1st Battalion, served in France and Italy. Also served in DCLI date unknown.

Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

1st Battalion. Served in France.

William Thomas Mitchell

Fred Wilson. Killed in action La Bassee, France, 21 October 1914.

2nd Battalion. Served in France and Salonika.

Arthur Giles

Frank Osborne

8th Battalion. Served in …

The German peace delegation arrived at the railway siding in Compiegne Forest, near Paris on the 8 November 1918. The Allied delegation were awaiting them in the coach where the negotiations and signing would take place.

The Allied Supreme Commander Ferdinand Foch believed there was no need to discuss terms and that he expected the Germans …

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